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It's been quite a while now...

... since I wrote my last entry in here. Sorry for that. Getting onto the internet proves to be quite difficult most of the time, because I have to get a bus into the city centre (which is never on time, nevermind that it comes as often as it is supposed to...) and then find a free spot in an internet cafe. Once I have done all that I usually are not in the mood anymore to do anything really expet to read all the messages and all that. Sorry about that. And thanks at the same time for all your e-mails and all that!!! It's always great to hear from you and no, I haven't forgotten about you.

But let me tell you about the past weeks.

The last week of october was free for all of us, and we took the chance and drove into the west of Ireland. We were a group of 4: to French (also language assistants here at schools in Dublin) and my cousin and, well, humble me.  We set of to Clonmacnoise first, where we spent a nice afternoon. Clonmacnoise is an old abbey (one of the oldest in Ireland) and incredibly beautiful!!! It's located very close to the river Shannon and pretty much in the centre of Ireland, close to Athlone. Compared to Dublin, it was just so peaceful and quiet. After that we went on to Athlone and met a friend of mine, Christiane, who is a German assistant as well. We spent the night at her apartment and enjoying the pub life of Athlone...  

The next day we went on through Roscommon and Ballintubber to Westport. It is an amazing strip of land and we stopped every now and then to enjoy the scenery and all the old castles and abbeys along the way. And to admire all the sheep and cows of course....

The hostel in which we stayed was very nice. It was the "Old Mill" and as the name suggests already, it is in an old mill... The staff was very nice, the beds very comfortable, the other people we met there great and fun. That day, we started talking about the "French invasion", because almost everyone we met was French!!! At least I got to practice it a bit...

The following day we explored Achill Island. Beautiful! Stunning!!! It is very remote, and not a lot of people live there anymore, but the landscape is just amazing! Even though the wheather wasn't too good (well, when is the wheather really good???) it was still very impressive.

The next day we went all the way through Connemara down to Galway, a very nice city, which is not as loud as Dublin. Connemara was very nice as well, but as everyone had told us before, it was raining... Heavily... Well, I guess that's just Ireland, but since we were in a nice warm car, we didn't get all that wet.  We also went to see Kylemore Abbey, which was built by some increadibly rich Englishman about 100 years ago. He and his wife had spent their honeymoon there, and a couple of years later, she asked him to have a castle built there for her. And he did! Can you believe that!!!?

Anyways, after a Halloween night in Galway (with a singing priest and a male nun and many, many Elvises...) we went to see the Cliffs of Moher. Very nice place!!! Very impressive, but very touristy at the same time. Again we met a lot of French, but this time also a lot of Spanish, American and German people.

When we came back to Dublin, we couldn't quite believe it. The traffic (was not caused by sheep for once), the noise, how busy people were. But to some extend it was also good to be back.

The rest of our holidays we went to see movies ("step up": don't waste your money on that movie!!! It's just a new version of "save the last dance" but by far not as good!!! The other one was "a good year". It's good, but I've seen better ones...) and we explored more of Dublin.

Then the following week I went to 2 concerts with 2 other German assistants. They were really good, although I enjoyed the second one more than the first one. The first one were the "Dropkick Murphys", the other one "The Futureheads".

Back at school, it was quite boring, because my students had exams this past week. So I did quite a bit of preparations and all that, but I hope that tomorrow I can go back to teaching.

I hope you all envy me now for my trip...  

Take care!

Love, Wiebke

PS: you can find some new photos on my profile on (search for my full name). Unfortunately, it's all in German and you have to log on to be able to see them. Logging on is free... And you don't have to be a student... *lol*

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