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Time is flying already!!!

I just arrived here on Tuesday, and it actually feels like I have been here for just a day... or a year... The time is just flying past, and I sometimes feel like I have been here forever, but then again I feel like I have just arrived (which is true, of course!)

The flight here was ok. I'm not too fond of getting on a plane to go to places, but it's usually the easiest way. We (that's my parents and I) left Dresden VERY early in the morning. Very, very early!!! And you all know that I'm not a morning bird.  The check-in was ok, just like always. Then it took us forever to actually take off: they were looking for one passenger by the name of Miroslaw, but never found him. So we left about an hour late, but that was ok. I sat next to a very nice couple from the US (Kentucky), and we had a chat about what we wanted to go see, what we were going to do once we got to Dublin and things like that.

So when I eventually got here, I had practiced my English already a little bit. But I was NOT prepared AT ALL for the Irish accent! This is so hard to uynderstand!!! It started of with Wiebke going to get something to eat. Very funny adventure, because the lady at the shop and Wiebke had to use their hands and feet to communicate, although both were convinced they were speaking English. After that, I tried to find my way (or "me way" as they say here) towards the correct bus and then towards the city centre. There, I had to change the busses to go on to the very south of Dublin (the airport is in the very north), and when I asked where the bus was departing, the people from the bus service asked me in return, where I was going. When I told them, they said that there was no bus going there.  So a slightly tired, exhausted and confused Wiebke made her way to the Tourist infromation, and there the same thing happened. By then, our little Wiebke was really confused, but then decided to just take the bus that the contact teacher had adviced her on taking.

On the bus, I made my first Irish friend: a very cute red-haired baby with huge blue eyes. She was maybe just half a year old, but was flirting with all the people in the bus anyways. And she kept smiling at me, so I felt a little better. At my bus stop, I asked a man if he knew by any chance where the school was, and he pointed it out to me. "Just a 5 minute walk, love, around that wall there." So I started of on that "5 minute walk", which proofed to be way longer with a heavy suitcase... I finally arrived at the school, and was welcomed by my contact teacher, Sister Maria, one of the three nuns working at the school. She was very excited to see me, and took me to the staff room and started to introduce me to the other teachers there, especially the other German teacher, Lisa, who is only 25 years old. I spent about 3 hours at the school, before Sr. Maria took me to my accomodation, which is not even a 2 minutes walk from the school.

The lady I'm staying with is around 70 years old, and very nice. Her husband passed away just 8 weeks ago, so it's all not that easy for her. Her children and grandchildren come over pretty much every night to see if she's ok. I really like her, and we get along very well. Still I can't stay there, because it's just way to expensive!!! So right now, I'm looking for new accomodation, which prooves to be rather difficult. If anyone of you knows someone who has a place where I could stay at here in Dublin, preferably Dublin 12 or 6w (Greenhills, Kimmage...), then PLEASE let me know!!!

Wednesday was my first day into town, and I really enjoyed it. I got to see Trinity College, O'Connell Street, Halfpenny Bridge, Henry Street and the bus ride in and out of town. The city is really beautiful, and I really like it!!! You should all come and see it sometime!!!

Thursday and Friday, I spent at the school working already and getting to know the place. The students are really nice, and seem to be interested in learning German. My collegues are all really nice, well, the ones I've gotten to know so far. It's quite a big school with 78 permanent tachers and three language assistants (a French one, which is only arriving in Dublin today, a Spanish one and me).

Although it's a catholic school, it's not as catholic as I thought it would be. The nuns don't wear those uniforms, and the teachers all seem to be very young and outgoing. They made me feel really welcome and it sounded as if they were really looking forward to having the 3 of us here.

Last night, 20 of us from the school went on a literary pub crawl. It really was a oub crawl for most of my dear collegues... Luckily I wasn't forced to drink too much. Some of them won't really remember last night though, I guess... A literary pub crawl is actually just a walk through 4 pubs and Trinity college, led by 2 actors who give you an inside view on the Dublin literary places and act out a couple of small things that were written by Irish writers, such as Yeats, Beckett, Joyce. It's really good! In each pub, you have about "20 minutes of quality drinking time", as the 2 actors called it. And people were really making the most of it...

I hope I have given you a small insight on the past days here. It really is a lot of fun!

Come and visit some time!

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