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First week at work

Well, so, now, the first week at work is complete. And it was really good, I really enjoy it.

On Monday, things started very cassually for me, until I met my contact teacher, Sr. Maria. She looked very stressed and unwell, so I asked her what was wrong. Well, one of the other sisters at the convent had passed away the saturday, and now Sr. Maria had to prepare everything for the funeral, which was going to be held on Limerick (that's on the west coast of Ireland) the wednesday. So she said, that she wasn't going to be at school on Tuesday and Wednesday and that she wasn't able to find a substitution for her German classes. Well, here I am, right, so I said that I will take them. And I did.

She had told me, that there were some kids in her classes, that sometimes are up for some trouble, but actually, most of them were very nice.

I teach the all classes from 2nd to 6th year (6th to 12th grade that is), and they should know some German by 2nd year. Well... My first class was a second year one, and they were quite ok, keeping in mind that they had only started with German a year ago. Then I had some 5th years and they were really good, until I went away from the questions I knew they had written down. They didn't quite know how to answer me, I guess, because they didn't learn the answers by heart... But they tried, and so I was happy.

Tuesday, I had the 4th years for the first time, and they really gave me a hard time. They just didn't seem to be interested. When I asked one girl in German, what her name was, she said "I don't know, Miss, we never did this, Miss." I couldn't believe it! After more than 3 years of German, she was unable to tell me her name... Well, so I went back to the VERY basics, and then they picked it up slowly again. They gave me the impression though, that they weren't really interested about all this.

All my other classes then went really fine throughout the week, and it really feels like this could be the right job for me.

Well, since most of us language assistants have the fridays off, I met up with 3 other Germans on Friday morning and we talked about how the week had been, how we are settling in and all that. It was great! We had a lot of fun and decided, that we should start exploring the "night life" as well. So we did... It was very funny. We went to 2 different pubs. The first one wasn't too good, very touristy and loud and not really what we wanted. Then we went on to a very old pub, which was REALLY nice!

Well, on Saturday I met up with the French assistant, that's at my school and 2 other French people, and we explored the town a bit more. The one French girl spoke almost no English, which was surprising, because we all (no matter what nationality) had to do an English test before we came here... Well, at least I got to practice the little bit of French that I still know...

All in all, I'm really enjoying my stay here. I'm starting to settle in, and I'm getting used to this Dublin accent.

I hope you are all fine!!!

Love! Wiebke/Wiebi/Bibi/Sweets

PS: Thanks for all the entries!  Unfortunately, though, I can not use the internet every day, so I have to catch up on replying...

8.10.06 15:42

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