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Getting used and adapted...

Well, it's been more than three weeks by now, can you believe it? Actually, it's going to be a month on Thursday... Wow.

Anyways, I've been quite out of touch with basically everyone, because my internet access is VERY limited. When I get a chance, I usually just read all the e-mails and things like that.

Well, the past 2 weeks since my last update have been really good. I really, really like Dublin and really enjoy my time here! I've met a couple of people, that I get along with very well, and we spend a lot of time together on the weekends and explore Dublin and the suburbs and all that. Most of us are French or German, and most of us again are language assistents from the schools in and around Dublin. It's great,  because we get to share our experiences and still don't talk too much German (or French for the French amongst us ).

The work at the school is also going great. I have to say, that teaching really is a lot more fun than I originally thought.  There have been days, that weren't too great altogether, but usually it's a lot of fun both for me and the girls. I learn a lot about Germany myself. Just last week, some of my students asked me about the political system and the political parties and all that. So I had to look up all the names of the people from the local parliaments and what coalition (if they had one) they are in... That was really interesting for me, too.

A lot of the times, I have been asked about the German history regarding World War 2 a lot.

Last weekend, we went to Howth to the seaside (one of the many places where Bono, the lead singer of U2, has a house, but we didn't get to see him ). It was really, really beautiful! Loads of tourists, but great anyways!

This week, we had our introductory seminar from the Goethe Institute, which was really good and interesting. We got to meet all the German language assistants, who are all over Ireland. They were all really nice. The seminar itself was really good, too. They gave us a lot of help and material on the subjects and all of that kind. And we explored Dublin even more with them, especially the pub scene... Which was very funny...  Of course we went to see the Guinness Storehouse, and got a free pint there as well. But please don't think that all I do here is going to the pubs. It's just a part of the Irish culture as well. Ok, I admit it, it's a huge part of the Irish culture.

Oh, did I mention that I will have my first visitor to Ireland on Wednesday? It's Henner, my mum's cousin's son (complicated, I know, so let's just call him my cousin...). I'm really looking foreward to that! So who is going to be the next???

Well, I have to go now. I hope you are all fine!



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